Illustration Friday: “Warning”

It’s okay, we’ll be gone first.


Illustration Friday: “Acrobat”

Next time we shall return to your regularly scheduled black outlines, but today I double-challenged myself with watercolors and painting from a photograph (my boyfriend, I think he’s part orangutan). It felt good to use watercolor on its own, instead of mixed with a dozen other things like I’m used to. I think it loosened me up (but not enough to do this).

Illustration Friday: “Renewal”



My mom is working on an article and I made this illustration to go with it. Almost ten years have passed since the Twin Towers were destroyed on Sept. 11 and everyone is still fighting over what to build on the site. Most of the plans are no different from what was there before, only less ambitious. Her idea was to create vertical farms that would feed us with fresh fruit and vegetables, create “green” jobs, and set an example for other cities to follow. It sure sounds a lot better than more office units and shopping malls!