Canine Contours

Contour Drawing 1

A few recent contour drawings of a familiar subject.

Contour Drawing 2

I do them every day to warm up but don’t always share them.

Contour Drawing 3

I like this string of sketches together.

Contour Drawing 4

They aren’t pure contour drawings, though. I lifted my pencil off the page a few times. Don’t tell anyone.

Inktober 2015!

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A new #inktober, a new slideshow of my latest illustrations and sketches! Unlike last year, I abandoned my intended series theme (obscure monsters) before I even began, but general themes of death, sleep, and fear have emerged instead. I’m adding new drawings every day until Oct. 31, so be sure to check this post again & again!

Month of Manias

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Here’s another slideshow for #inkpril, the latest drawing challenge I’m participating in. So far I haven’t been able to contribute daily sketches, but at least I’m sticking to my self-imposed theme this time. Credit goes to illustrator Liz Wong for creating this challenge!


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I decided to keep a running log here of all my Inktober sketches, for posterity’s sake and for those who aren’t following me on Twitter… yet. There is no set theme to follow for Inktober, as long as your drawings are all in ink. At first I wanted to stick to a Loteria/Mexican bingo theme, because I’m already developing a deck and I thought this would spur me to do it faster, but as you will see, I’ve already abandoned my theme by day three or four.

Fragmented Head

Fragmented Head Illustration by Eliza Stein

From the sketchbook. I’m working on a million color and texture variations of this right now, all of which look a lot prettier than what’s inside my head right now, with this nasty summer cold I’ve got. Anything that makes it through my elimination round will be posted here, and I might make a few of them into prints.