Illustration Friday: “Blur”


First of all, there are much worse infestations to have in your kitchen. In fact, I would be thrilled to have a chameleon as a pet just because they are so adorable. They’re so cute, chubby, and non-threatening, they’re like the panda bear of lizards. But with their ability to blur themselves into any surrounding color or pattern, I’m sure they would get lost easily.

This is still a work-in-progress. I drew the chameleons in pencil (see below), took photographs of my kitchen sink and assorted textures, and started assembling it all in GIMP. At first I was going to put them in my fridge but then I remembered they are cold-blooded and thought better of it.


Illustration Friday (Late Edition): “Impatience”

"Impatience", by Eliza Stein
“Impatience”, by Eliza Stein

Sometimes impatience is a virtue, especially if you are trapped inside a boa constrictor. I drew this 2 AM sketch while my friend V. lectured us all on how to escape: you have to push your arms through its mouth, forcing it open so you can climb out.

Me: But if you’re already inside the boa constrictor, chances are you’d have suffocated already.

K: And what about all those digestive juices?

It took him a while to convince us that the most important thing is to get both arms through its mouth at once, so you’d better act fast.

The way things are going this month, I might have to remember this…