Illustration Friday: RED

Red Rage Illustration by Eliza Stein

Somehow, my notes for this week’s Illustration Friday word went from “Things that are red” to this. RAAAGE is a thing that is red, no?

Illustration Friday: “Sweater”

On my last few trips to the library, I’ve spotted about four novels by three different authors with knitting as the theme, more specifically a ladies’ knitting club. Two were romance novels, one was chick lit, and the other was a mystery. The mystery intrigued me at first, but after skimming the pages, I concluded that knitting was only there as a gimmick to appeal to… women who like to knit. You could have replaced the knitting club with flower arranging or drag racing and it would be the same book. Also, is knitting even interesting to read about? Maybe if it’s about a gang of Knittin’ Kninjas who cover their victims in full-body cable sweaters before they can blink or say, “Hey, I’m allergic to wool!” I might read that…

Illustration Friday: “Modify”


Ok, I admit that this week’s entry and its relevance to the word “modify” is tenuous at best, but this was the best my August-addled brain could spit out. I always lose my mind in August, and I’m also planning a cross-country trip next month, so…

Modify! I always thought of love spells as kind of sad, the idea of modifying someone’s feelings without their knowledge, without talking to them.

Also, what I did was modify an old drawing of my pincushion (yes, it’s a red anatomically-correct heart made of rubber) by messing around with it on Photoshop. See my previous entry and the red background will look familiar. Here’s the original drawing:


In fact I keep modifying this drawing. I’ve probably colored it in about a dozen times, just for practice.