Illustration Friday: “King”

Rainbow Crown Illustration by Eliza Stein

This jewel-encrusted crown looks pretty heavy. You should see the back of it.

The “jewels” were castoffs from my mom, who is a collage artist. I hope to obtain more of them, if I am good.

Rainbow Kawaii Gears

Rainbow Kawaii Gears by Eliza Stein

Workin’ together!

I was going to add these to my last post, but the Internet likes volume.

Rainbow Gears Illustration by Eliza Stein

Making things rainbow and kawaii seems to be my favorite way of cheering myself up when I’m going through something heavy. It’s the visual equivalent of eating a pile of candy. I can’t sing the blues until I’m a safe distance from it, I’ve learned.

Artists, illustrators, designers: do you have a kind of art— style, subject, practice, etc.— that you turn to when you’re going through a difficult time?