My CurateNYC Entry: “Bodybuilder”



So this is my entry for CurateNYC, an exhibition that will be seen in four locations throughout the city from Oct. 21-31. You could submit only one 5×6″ postcard-size image.

I wanted to call my picture “Unnnngggh!” but I went with the more conventional “Bodybuilder” and in fact it’s a portrait of my bodybuildin’ friend Mephy, drawn as she dead-lifted a 225 lb. barbell. Months later, I thought she looked like a Japanese demon, which she would enjoy, being a huge lover of Japan and its culture. But I wouldn’t know for sure, because I lost her new phone number and it’s difficult to find her on the Internet. So if you’re out there, I hope this grants at least one of your wishes, to live forever as an oni that’s totally diesel!

Illustration Friday: “Unfold”


I’m a real bird now!

Drawn in a mixture of watercolor and pencil. I added the pale blue tint in the background with GIMP, my first attempt at using this program to do subtle coloring. I am trying to switch over from Photoshop…

***Update: Hey hey, I’m Pick of the Week! Thanks guys!!