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I decided to keep a running log here of all my Inktober sketches, for posterity’s sake and for those who aren’t following me on Twitter… yet. There is no set theme to follow for Inktober, as long as your drawings are all in ink. At first I wanted to stick to a Loteria/Mexican bingo theme, because I’m already developing a deck and I thought this would spur me to do it faster, but as you will see, I’ve already abandoned my theme by day three or four.


Nebula Figure Drawing by Eliza Stein Illustration

Nebula Figure Drawing by Eliza Stein Illustration

This is another Society of Illustrators sketch. The coloring was influenced by the Hubble Space Telescope photography I’ve been gorging my eyes upon. Nebulae can be any colors you could imagine, but my favorite ones had this ultramarine-magenta mix!

Last Week’s Figures

Flapper Girl Drawing by Eliza Stein

Flapper Girl Drawing by Eliza Stein

A long overdue post from Society of Illustrators Sketch Night, and there are more ladies on the way! These two models were dressed as flappers. I think they were both burlesque performers.

One of them kept making these scowling, sneering expressions. She also had a septum ring and this wig made of shiny black feathers that looked like spiky hair, so I sent her about sixty years into the future:

Funky Figure Drawing by Eliza Stein

Illustration Friday: “Obsession”

It wasn’t me or my undeveloped motor skills, Momma! Can’t you see I’ve got scribbleomania?!

Ahh yes, The Wordsworth Book of Intriguing Words, by Paul Hellweg, Wordsworth Editions Ltd., 1993. I don’t remember how this book came to live on my shelf, but it’s rescued me from many a case of artist’s and writer’s block. Its old title was The Insomniac’s Dictionary, which explains a lot.

It’s been some time, hasn’t it? I started out with an acute case of gamomania*, which ended abruptly in May, and the excitement of that day soon led to an extended period of clinomania**, kathisomania***, and hypnomania****. What a cluster  of obsessions that was! The only cure for it was more clinomania, so you can see how time got away from me. I think I’m free of obsessions for now, except perhaps scribomania*****, which is not scribleomania at all!

* marriage, **bed rest, ***sitting, ****sleep, *****”writing a long succession of unconnected words.”