Anxiety Diary #7: Nice Things and…

Anxiety Diary 7 Nice Things

Anxiety Diary 7 Nice Things

Bugs are one of my favorite subjects to draw. I like most of them. However, I have a primal fear of those hulking water bugs, aka American cockroaches, that are the size of mice and not nearly as cute.

I realize they are nothing compared to the Madagascar hissing cockroach, or to “palmetto bugs,” which are flying water bugs, which I thought only existed in tropical Florida until one of them whizzed into my bedroom a few nights ago! Luckily my husband caught it. I used the ensuing adrenaline rush to check all the cracks and openings in the house. There were a lot of them, which tired me out enough to go to bed that night.

Yes, this is Fan Art.


“Douchebugz!” Ink line art w/ digital color

For the last few months, my biggest source of distraction and laffs on the internet has been the website Hot Chicks with Douchebags. I started thinking, what if this lifestyle begins to infest the animal kingdom? The bombardier beetle is already bright orange like a fake tan and shoots a foul-smelling gas from its rear end when threatened. All it needed was an Ed Hardy-style exoskeleton and some antenna gel spikes to start pulling in the Ladybleethbugs…

UPDATE (8/9): WOW, I’m on HCwDB! I’m going to go drink all the liquor left in my house to celebrate (and that’s 1/4 bottle of Mickey’s Butterscotch ‘n’ Vanilla S’napps…too bad it’s a Sunday)