Illustration Friday: “Renewal”



My mom is working on an article and I made this illustration to go with it. Almost ten years have passed since the Twin Towers were destroyed on Sept. 11 and everyone is still fighting over what to build on the site. Most of the plans are no different from what was there before, only less ambitious. Her idea was to create vertical farms that would feed us with fresh fruit and vegetables, create “green” jobs, and set an example for other cities to follow. It sure sounds a lot better than more office units and shopping malls!

Illustration Friday: “Undone”

Somethin’ seasonal. I had another idea for this week’s word, but I didn’t take it beyond a thumbnail sketch yet. Maybe I’ll post it later, because it’s kinda funny. Assorted health problems kept me from doing anything over the last week and a half, so it feels good to be drawing again.

This started out as a Christmas card for my friend’s little brother: before I gave it to him I traced it in Inkscape and added color. If I was a snowman I’d never smile because I could never enjoy another hot beverage, i.e. coffee.

Illustration Friday: “Frozen”


I made this drawing in Inkscape, using only the Pen tool (Bezier curves) to trace over an old sketch (see below) and add color. Inkscape is one of the great open-source graphics programs out there, along with GIMP and Blender. It’s easy to learn the basic tools, especially if you’ve used Illustrator or done anything with vector graphics before. I could go on forever about Inkscape… see for yourself:

There are also some great tutorials out there, which I’ll post later…

Frozen Sketch

Original sketch, plain ol’ ink.