Heartache 1&2

Human Heart Illustration by Eliza Stein

I’m afraid to count the number of layers I needed for both versions of this drawing! Lately I’ve been using mostly flat color for my illustrations, but I’m trying to bring back more interesting textures and collage. And thanks to illustrator Kyle T. Webster’s digital watercolor brushes, I may never use my “real” ones again. Check em out here.

Heartache Illustration by Eliza Stein

Illustration Friday: “Modify”


Ok, I admit that this week’s entry and its relevance to the word “modify” is tenuous at best, but this was the best my August-addled brain could spit out. I always lose my mind in August, and I’m also planning a cross-country trip next month, so…

Modify! I always thought of love spells as kind of sad, the idea of modifying someone’s feelings without their knowledge, without talking to them.

Also, what I did was modify an old drawing of my pincushion (yes, it’s a red anatomically-correct heart made of rubber) by messing around with it on Photoshop. See my previous entry and the red background will look familiar. Here’s the original drawing:


In fact I keep modifying this drawing. I’ve probably colored it in about a dozen times, just for practice.