Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Howlloween

The Canine Coven wishes you all a Happy HOWLloween! 🎃

Inktober 2015!

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A new #inktober, a new slideshow of my latest illustrations and sketches! Unlike last year, I abandoned my intended series theme (obscure monsters) before I even began, but general themes of death, sleep, and fear have emerged instead. I’m adding new drawings every day until Oct. 31, so be sure to check this post again & again!

Mischief Night

Mischief Night Illustration by Eliza Stein

We always called it “The Night of Mischief.” I did the pencils and inks for this illustration on Oct. 30 during Inktober. That day has long passed, but there’s no law that says you can’t decorate your Christmas tree with eggs, TP, and shaving cream for that devilish, juvenile delinquent spirit.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes with Liquid Eyeliner

Last Minute Liquid Eyeliner Costumes

Last Minute Liquid Eyeliner Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and liquid eyeliner is my favorite makeup, so I won’t be without a costume this year, despite lack of preparation. Usually I start planning for Halloween in June or July, but this year was a little… different. I’m only going to use one of these looks, so the rest are up for grabs. Start drawing on your face with your little tube of black goo and step out with confidence that your costume is cheap and creative!