Illustration Friday: “Bottled”

Reduce reuse recycle

Reduce reuse


All I learned how to do in elementary school was recycle and drink from a faucet. True story!

On Hiatus II

Moving! I’ll update once I’m not buried in cardboard and crumpled newspaper. In the meantime, ignore my secretary and have fun checking out all my sites (more than 50 pictures on this blog!)


Hooray, My First Etsy Sale!

One of many more, I hope I hope I hope…!

“Chloral Hydrate” is part of a series of surreal botanical-style paintings I did a long time ago called “Pill Portraits.” I was thinking of an accessible way to reproduce and sell them for years: I was just waiting for Etsy to come along! It’s an enormous, international online arts & crafts bazaar:

Take me to Etsy now (

In case you’re wondering before or after clicking on the link, I’m selling eight different notecards and a smaller number of 8×10″ prints, from two series of paintings. Two very distinct styles! The cards are blank for now, but I’m thinking of adding messages before the holiday season. Etsy doesn’t allow public comments, but if you have a good idea for a message, post it here. If I use it, I’ll send you the card of your choice in the mail, free!