Before & After: Neon Nude

Neon Nude Before
Neon Nude After

When I get the chance, I like to redo older artwork. Usually I change the colors; sometimes I change or get rid of one little thing that’s been bothering me, like this necklace. This portrait was already available as a print in both my Etsy and Society6 shops, so I’ve updated both listings to reflect the change.

Sketch of sketching, and a daily dog

Sketch by Eliza Stein

Here’s a sketch of my husband sketching. That’s his own sketch at the corner of mine. I use whatever implement is closest at hand for sketching, and yesterday I found this jumbo pencil/crayon hybrid in my colored pencil box. I don’t remember how it got there, but it just glided over the paper. It’s not greasy or smudgy, either:

Color Giant Pencil CrayonSince last year, I’ve been sketching my dog nearly every day. Most of these “Daily Dogs” are done while he’s sleeping, but sometimes he is a professional model who strikes the perfect pose.

Daily Dog Sketch by Eliza SteinIllustrators, artists, designers, what are your sketch habits, if any? Does your sketching style differ greatly from your finished work? What are your favorite tools and supplies? I’m curious.


Nebula Figure Drawing by Eliza Stein Illustration

Nebula Figure Drawing by Eliza Stein Illustration

This is another Society of Illustrators sketch. The coloring was influenced by the Hubble Space Telescope photography I’ve been gorging my eyes upon. Nebulae can be any colors you could imagine, but my favorite ones had this ultramarine-magenta mix!

Last Week’s Figures

Flapper Girl Drawing by Eliza Stein

Flapper Girl Drawing by Eliza Stein

A long overdue post from Society of Illustrators Sketch Night, and there are more ladies on the way! These two models were dressed as flappers. I think they were both burlesque performers.

One of them kept making these scowling, sneering expressions. She also had a septum ring and this wig made of shiny black feathers that looked like spiky hair, so I sent her about sixty years into the future:

Funky Figure Drawing by Eliza Stein

Spring Colors Portrait

Spring Colors Portrait

Spring Colors Portrait

The Society of Illustrators is my favorite place to do figure drawing because not only do they always have live music and a full bar, it’s the only place I’ve been to where the models wear some sort of costume. That means a lot to me because there’s only so many times I can ask my friends and family to pose, and they’re not models, so they twitch and fidget (sorry guys!) which disturbs the intricate, ephemeral folds of cloth, and then I have to erase everything and have an aspirin.

Photo reference books for artists fill in the gaps once in a while, but they’re too static, no substitute for a real person who knows how to sit perfectly still for up to twenty minutes. Always appreciate your models!

Illustration Friday: “Frozen”


I made this drawing in Inkscape, using only the Pen tool (Bezier curves) to trace over an old sketch (see below) and add color. Inkscape is one of the great open-source graphics programs out there, along with GIMP and Blender. It’s easy to learn the basic tools, especially if you’ve used Illustrator or done anything with vector graphics before. I could go on forever about Inkscape… see for yourself:

There are also some great tutorials out there, which I’ll post later…

Frozen Sketch

Original sketch, plain ol’ ink.