Last Week’s Figures

Flapper Girl Drawing by Eliza Stein

Flapper Girl Drawing by Eliza Stein

A long overdue post from Society of Illustrators Sketch Night, and there are more ladies on the way! These two models were dressed as flappers. I think they were both burlesque performers.

One of them kept making these scowling, sneering expressions. She also had a septum ring and this wig made of shiny black feathers that looked like spiky hair, so I sent her about sixty years into the future:

Funky Figure Drawing by Eliza Stein

Society Sketch Thursday: Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer Sketch by Eliza Stein Illustration

Every Thursday, I try my best to show up at Society of Illustrators for their Sketch Night. As I mentioned earlier, I prefer Thursdays because the models wear some sort of costume. Some are wilder than others, like last week’s copper and gold combination of belly dancer, Slave Leia, and Mayan princess:

Belly Dancer Drawing by Eliza Stein

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