It’s not a Tea Party, it’s a Me Party

Tea Party, Eliza Stein Illustration

Tea Party, Eliza Stein Illustration

Inside my head I usually see myself this way– age five, sharing some kind of beverage with my closest friends. The only thing that’s changed over the years is the beverage: “pretend tea” (air), water, apple juice, milk, iced tea mix, tea, coffee, whisky, coffee with whisky, and back to tea again these days.

Illustration Friday: “Beneath”

See, this is what happens when you check under the bed to see if a monster is really there. I don’t know if the monsters brought their own pillows to the party or if this is one lucky kid with an immensely comfortable bed (not anymore).

This is one of my kitchen-sink sketches that follow more or less the same pattern: start with pencil sketch, add watercolor, bits of colored pencil, ink the lines with a Sharpie, and tinker with the colors in Photoshop. I’m sure plenty of people work this way, but it took me a long time to grow out of the art school practice of practicing with one material until I knew it back to front.

Oh yeah, and this drawing was influenced by the hilarious “Monster Party” skit from “Mr. Show.” Look it up on Youtube before Halloween, you won’t regret it.

The Giants’ Tarot!

giants' tarot

By Raven Kaldera, published by Asphodel Press.

It’s here! I loved working on this project because I got to use traditional Tarot symbols along with Northern mythology, which I’ll admit I knew very little about before starting. I learned even more from reading the guide that comes with the deck.

the cards i did

These are the three cards I illustrated for the deck.

At least twenty other artists contributed, along with Raven Kaldera, the author, but if you want to see the rest of ’em, you know what to do 😉