Happy Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice by Eliza Stein
As a night owl, I start to feel sad after the Winter Solstice because I know the days are getting longer again.

Inktober 2015!

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A new #inktober, a new slideshow of my latest illustrations and sketches! Unlike last year, I abandoned my intended series theme (obscure monsters) before I even began, but general themes of death, sleep, and fear have emerged instead. I’m adding new drawings every day until Oct. 31, so be sure to check this post again & again!

Portrait of an Artist’s Studio, Five Pointz

Portrait of an Artists Studio sketch by Eliza Stein

Portrait of an Artists Studio sketch by Eliza Stein

A few years ago, I visited The Five Pointz Building in Long Island City (the one with all the graffiti) for the first time. It was a dizzy overwhelming day because there are hundreds of studios in there AND an American Apparel textile factory downstairs, so I went home with loads of colorful fabric scraps that I crocheted into a rug… of sorts.

I drew this sketch when I insisted on sitting for a few minutes after climbing down from the roof (shouldn’t have taken the fire escape).