Crowded Sea

Crowded Sea Illustration

This is another Colour Collective contribution. Last week’s color was blue-gray, which immediately made me think of an underwater scene. My original idea was to add collage elements, but then I thought of bioluminescence and went instead with red light to illuminate the colorless deep-sea murk.


Medusa Illustration

I colored in this sketch for my first entry to Colour Collective, a weekly illustration challenge created by London-based illustrator Penny Neville-Lee. Find the rules and the week’s color on her Twitter profile. Use your Twitter account to post your illustration featuring the week’s chosen color (last week’s was MINT) along with the hashtag #colour_collective, every Friday at 19.30 GMT— make sure to adjust your time zone if necessary!

Month of Manias

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Here’s another slideshow for #inkpril, the latest drawing challenge I’m participating in. So far I haven’t been able to contribute daily sketches, but at least I’m sticking to my self-imposed theme this time. Credit goes to illustrator Liz Wong for creating this challenge!


Apimania Illustration

This month I’ve been participating in yet another daily drawing challenge, #inkpril, which has the same premise as #inktober, except it takes place now. I’m a lot busier in April so I can’t contribute a drawing every day, but I am sticking to my chosen theme this time, which is unusual words pulled from The Wordsworth Book of Intriguing Words. So far I have only illustrated various manias, so it’s become an even tighter theme.

Oh no, I just looked at my sketch and their toes are in the wrong order. I blame insomnia for that one. Actually the alternate title of the book I mentioned above is The Insomniac’s Dictionary. It got me thinking about how wonderful and important it is for an illustrator to build up a good reference library. There is something about leafing through a book of obscure words or a field guide to beetles that Google Image Search and Wikipedia will never replace.

Bride of Cthulhu

Bride of Cthulhu

Why should Bride of Frankenstein get all the attention?

THINKING OUT LOUD ALERT: I’m debating whether to turn this into an actual wedding card. Although I’m a big fan of Lovecraft and his creatures, I felt even more sensitive and insecure than usual before my wedding, especially about my appearance, and I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted to a card like this. Maybe it needs a quote or saying to put the image in its proper context, which is NOT “Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! You look positively horrific!” To be continued…

Here is a detail of the shoggoth bouquet, shown slightly larger than full size:

Shoggoth Bouquet