Dog with Donut

Sleeping Dog with Toy

I think my dog likes his new toy.

Posin’ with my Ancestors

Ancestral Portrait Photo

This is a sketch of the oldest photograph of my family, which I feel lucky to have. The youngest person in there is my great-grandmother, the woman in the white collar seated in the middle of the front row. The photo was taken right before she left Russia for America. Her mother is seated to the right, and her grandmother to the right of her. I don’t know a thing about the rest of the people in the photo, so I’d like to think they would enjoy my irreverent posing.

The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper 3


These are cover designs/illustrations for The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, one of my favorite short stories. There are a few places to read it online. I like this one.

The Yellow Wallpaper 2

Oftentimes I wish I could stop at a thumbnail or a rough draft because it captures the feeling of my subject so immediately and succinctly. The most difficult thing for me in producing final work is to not have it appear too labored or stylized. Lately I’ve been trying to draw my final work with a looser hand and illustrating The Yellow Wallpaper forced me to do that— it’s such a raw, disturbing story and I didn’t want to mute any of its emotional power.

Yellow Wallpaper 1