Devil in a Blue Dress!

Devil In A Blue Dress Illustration

Only the most devilish color combination would do for this poster! I might make a version with the colors inverted, so you can view the same red and blue hovering in front of you as an afterimage.


The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper 3


These are cover designs/illustrations for The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, one of my favorite short stories. There are a few places to read it online. I like this one.

The Yellow Wallpaper 2

Oftentimes I wish I could stop at a thumbnail or a rough draft because it captures the feeling of my subject so immediately and succinctly. The most difficult thing for me in producing final work is to not have it appear too labored or stylized. Lately I’ve been trying to draw my final work with a looser hand and illustrating The Yellow Wallpaper forced me to do that— it’s such a raw, disturbing story and I didn’t want to mute any of its emotional power.

Yellow Wallpaper 1

Mischief Night

Mischief Night Illustration by Eliza Stein

We always called it “The Night of Mischief.” I did the pencils and inks for this illustration on Oct. 30 during Inktober. That day has long passed, but there’s no law that says you can’t decorate your Christmas tree with eggs, TP, and shaving cream for that devilish, juvenile delinquent spirit.

Back to Work!

Hey there! It’s been a little while since I’ve shared anything new here, and that’s because I took most of August “off” to collect new ideas, to step away from the computer and draw exclusively by hand again. I participated in the 21-Day Drawing Challenge created by graphic artist Von Glitschka and presented by I found out about it a bit late, so I’m still catching up on the last few days. It was ostensibly created for beginning artists or for people who want to enrich their lives with a drawing habit, but I recommend it for artists at any skill level who find themselves in a bit of a rut.

The object of the challenge was to create a finished drawing each day, but what it really did for me was to help generate tons of ideas, and sketches that I’ve only just begun to develop. As of now, I have at least ten new drawings to ink, scan, color, and show off over the next month or so.

I did this illustration before starting the challenge, but since summer weather is still here, it remains relevant. I have it in my shop as an art print, without the lettering.

Summer Reading Illustration by Eliza Stein

Misophonia & more

Misophonia Illustration by Eliza Stein

Misophonia Illustration by Eliza Stein

Happy New Year! I had a busy holiday season with my Etsy shop, which is leading into a busy Valentine’s Day, so I haven’t had as much time here as I’d like. I’m also redoing my main portfolio site and this blog will also get a makeover soon. I like the Nexus theme a lot, but my artwork tends to have a lot of bright, even garish or gaudy colors, and displaying them against each other with no space between them to breathe just didn’t look good.

I’m still enjoying illustrating various neuroses of mine and others. I had no idea what misophonia was until last year, and I can’t say I have a serious case of it, but certain “small” noises have always bothered me. Loud eating and other sounds coming from the mouth are the main culprit. As a kid it was knuckle-cracking, but thankfully I don’t know anyone who still does that. Please don’t do it the next time you see me— it’s a nasty habit that leads to arthritis!

The Best Cure for Anxiety is…

The Best Cure for Anxiety is a Dog

The Best Cure for Anxiety is a Dog

So my parents took the plunge and adopted a dog, after four dull, dogless years. He came from an animal hoarding raid somewhere in Tennessee, where he’d spent his first two or three years in isolation and neglect (from humans- there were at least seventeen dogs rescued from the property, where they were kept together in a pen.) His next stop was a municipal shelter where, his rescuers told us, he was about to be put down in the next couple of days. Luckily, he made a journey to New York, where my parents’ neighbor spotted him lounging on the sidewalk with his foster owner, wearing one of those bright orange “Adopt Me” vests. And the rest is very recent history.

He’s been with my family for less than a week and his personality and intelligence are already shining through. However, everything here is new to him, so he is pretty overwhelmed, as am I. He’s discovering a new world just as I am rediscovering mine. We’ll face it together, two frightened adventurers on a quest for okayness (and treats!)