Illustration Friday: “Layer”

I’m on a retro kick again. I used to collect recipe booklets and brochures from the 50’s and 60’s. A lot of them were illustrated with these simple, blocky collages and when I started on this one, I noticed it was in that style, so I kept going with it.

If I was a professor of design, advertising, and/or illustration, my first project would be to imagine the most useless, disgusting, or just plain ridiculous product, then present it in a way that makes it appealing. 50’s commercial art really does that for me. If ads were still in this style, I’d probably be smoking two packs a day, washed down with rum and Coca-Cola. And woven sisal fibers!

They Draw and Cook …book?

I wish I had known about this website sooner! They invite illustrators to draw their favorite recipes and submit them to the site for all the world to see. Most of them are easy to follow and I intend to try a few of them at home when I get the chance. One of the best things about the recipes is the variety of countries the artists come from: living in New York I always assume I’ve tried every kind of cuisine at least once, but I didn’t know about baleadas from Honduras until a year ago.

I was in a hurry to finish this by Oct. 10, because the site’s editors have a book deal, and they’re considering all recipes received by that date for publication. They have a huge number to sift through: find about about the project here.


Illustration Friday: “Dessert”

Trans Fatty Tarot

Trans Fatty Tarot

I like making card series when I want to try out a new art style. Tarot cards are my favorite because each one has so many symbols to interpret.

This Trans Fatty Tarot deck that I’m working on is kind of a goof: I tried to include at least the basic symbols that you usually find on a tarot deck. I might write some silly descriptions for each card when I’m done. For now, I’ve finished the Major Arcana (0-21, The Fool-The World) and I’m about to start the four suits. So far I’ve decided on cookies for Coins and cupcakes for Cups, but I’m not sure about the Wands and Swords, because they are similar in shape. Candy canes? Lollipops? Any ideas?

Illustration Friday: “Breakfast”

The Breakfast Bikini!

The Breakfast Bikini!

I don’t get too many fashion design ideas, but the Breakfast Bikini has been kicking around in my head for some time, and I think I might make a real one (from fabric!)

Also, there are certain shapes I love to the point of fetishism, and the fried sunnyside-up egg is one of them. Unfortunately I ran out of my supply of collage-cut-outs from cooking magazines, so I had to draw them this time.

Sausage Swim Trunks for men are coming soon.

Strangest link yet: This picture is already under “Top Bacon News.” The wonder of metatags…

UPDATE: Here is a vector version, done with Inkscape: