Posin’ with my Ancestors

Ancestral Portrait Photo

This is a sketch of the oldest photograph of my family, which I feel lucky to have. The youngest person in there is my great-grandmother, the woman in the white collar seated in the middle of the front row. The photo was taken right before she left Russia for America. Her mother is seated to the right, and her grandmother to the right of her. I don’t know a thing about the rest of the people in the photo, so I’d like to think they would enjoy my irreverent posing.

Bride of Cthulhu

Bride of Cthulhu

Why should Bride of Frankenstein get all the attention?

THINKING OUT LOUD ALERT: I’m debating whether to turn this into an actual wedding card. Although I’m a big fan of Lovecraft and his creatures, I felt even more sensitive and insecure than usual before my wedding, especially about my appearance, and I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted to a card like this. Maybe it needs a quote or saying to put the image in its proper context, which is NOT “Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! You look positively horrific!” To be continued…

Here is a detail of the shoggoth bouquet, shown slightly larger than full size:

Shoggoth Bouquet


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I decided to keep a running log here of all my Inktober sketches, for posterity’s sake and for those who aren’t following me on Twitter… yet. There is no set theme to follow for Inktober, as long as your drawings are all in ink. At first I wanted to stick to a Loteria/Mexican bingo theme, because I’m already developing a deck and I thought this would spur me to do it faster, but as you will see, I’ve already abandoned my theme by day three or four.

Fragmented Head

Fragmented Head Illustration by Eliza Stein

From the sketchbook. I’m working on a million color and texture variations of this right now, all of which look a lot prettier than what’s inside my head right now, with this nasty summer cold I’ve got. Anything that makes it through my elimination round will be posted here, and I might make a few of them into prints.