Canine Contours

Contour Drawing 1

A few recent contour drawings of a familiar subject.

Contour Drawing 2

I do them every day to warm up but don’t always share them.

Contour Drawing 3

I like this string of sketches together.

Contour Drawing 4

They aren’t pure contour drawings, though. I lifted my pencil off the page a few times. Don’t tell anyone.


Adoption Illustration by Eliza Stein

Here’s a little story about a lucky dog who got adopted.

I haven’t posted here since adding all the Inktober sketches, but that’s because I’ve been busy coloring them all in! I’ve also added some new illustrations to my Etsy shop: “Nyx,” the ancient Greek goddess of night, and a reworking of an old sketch about a kid who colors outside the lines.

Nyx Illustration by Eliza Stein
“Nyx” in b&w or color
Toddler Trouble Illustration by Eliza Stein
Coloring outside the lines…