Illustration Friday: “Immovable”

Sometimes you have to get your whole family to move a cupcake from your front door so you can get to work in the morning, but nothing is truly immovable.


Illustration Friday: “Germs”


30-minute digital sketch

Formication┬áis the sensation that there are insects or “bugs” crawling on or under the skin. It can be caused by drugs, mental problems, or both. It’s a lot like what I’ve heard from the small number of germophobes I’ve had a chance to talk to: they see the germs as little bugs everywhere, especially on “hotspots” like doorknobs. That’s one psychosomatic vision I don’t have to deal with, thankfully. Instead, I like to spend my time imagining what it’s like to have it! That’s why this week’s IF word just felt mundane: I already waste too much time drawing bugs, microbes, and assorted tiny creatures that we prefer not to think about because we can’t see them, yet they outnumber us at least a billion to one.

But Halloween is coming up, and I already feel especially creepy-crawly. Here is my photo that the sketch was based on:

Formication (original photo)
Formication (original photo)

This is the blurriest picture from a series of 20 or 30 that I took as concept stills for a stop-motion animation that I’m starting. I like making digital sketches from blurry photos because then I don’t feel as tight when I try to draw freehand with a mouse.

Here’s the same photo in reverse (I think it’s creepier):

Formication (in reverse)
Formication (in reverse)

Yes, this is Fan Art.


“Douchebugz!” Ink line art w/ digital color

For the last few months, my biggest source of distraction and laffs on the internet has been the website Hot Chicks with Douchebags. I started thinking, what if this lifestyle begins to infest the animal kingdom? The bombardier beetle is already bright orange like a fake tan and shoots a foul-smelling gas from its rear end when threatened. All it needed was an Ed Hardy-style exoskeleton and some antenna gel spikes to start pulling in the Ladybleethbugs…

UPDATE (8/9): WOW, I’m on HCwDB! I’m going to go drink all the liquor left in my house to celebrate (and that’s 1/4 bottle of Mickey’s Butterscotch ‘n’ Vanilla S’napps…too bad it’s a Sunday)