Apimania Illustration

This month I’ve been participating in yet another daily drawing challenge, #inkpril, which has the same premise as #inktober, except it takes place now. I’m a lot busier in April so I can’t contribute a drawing every day, but I am sticking to my chosen theme this time, which is unusual words pulled from The Wordsworth Book of Intriguing Words. So far I have only illustrated various manias, so it’s become an even tighter theme.

Oh no, I just looked at my sketch and their toes are in the wrong order. I blame insomnia for that one. Actually the alternate title of the book I mentioned above is The Insomniac’s Dictionary. It got me thinking about how wonderful and important it is for an illustrator to build up a good reference library. There is something about leafing through a book of obscure words or a field guide to beetles that Google Image Search and Wikipedia will never replace.

Before & Afters

 Before Illustration by Eliza Stein    After Illustration by Eliza Stein

BEFORE                                                                AFTER

Before Xmas Illustration by Eliza Stein    Rainbow Firefly Illustration by Eliza Stein

Click on each image to see it in greater detail.

Once the “after” illustrations are available in my Etsy shop, I’ll add the links.



Anxiety Diary #7: Nice Things and…

Anxiety Diary 7 Nice Things

Anxiety Diary 7 Nice Things

Bugs are one of my favorite subjects to draw. I like most of them. However, I have a primal fear of those hulking water bugs, aka American cockroaches, that are the size of mice and not nearly as cute.

I realize they are nothing compared to the Madagascar hissing cockroach, or to “palmetto bugs,” which are flying water bugs, which I thought only existed in tropical Florida until one of them whizzed into my bedroom a few nights ago! Luckily my husband caught it. I used the ensuing adrenaline rush to check all the cracks and openings in the house. There were a lot of them, which tired me out enough to go to bed that night.

Typing Bug Says… Back to Work!

Typing Bug Illustration by Eliza Stein

Typing Bug Illustration by Eliza Stein

While I was working on this, my husband came over and asked me if it was a self-portrait. Why yes, how did he know? I am a little worker bug, happy that I’m no longer stuck in a cubicle.

I don’t miss typewriters, but there’s a pretty mint green one that keeps showing up on Etsy. Maybe I’ll buy it for one of my writer friends that still use them.

Here’s a little extra glimpse of how I made this drawing, with the line art and colors separated:

Colors and Line Art for Typing Bug Illustration by Eliza Stein