Illustration Friday: “Mask”

Neon Masks Illustration by Eliza Stein

I’ve been looking for a new sketching exercise lately, and I’d forgotten how much I like to draw masks— you can delve into geometry, symmetry, abstraction, facial expressions, symbolism, pretty much anything you could improve in your art.

All of these masks are real, from different cultures and times, picked at random from an image search.

Another color version— I could make new ones for days:

Golden Masks Illustration by Eliza Stein

Aaaannnd here’s the original ink drawing:

Black and White Masks by Eliza Stein

Before & Afters

 Before Illustration by Eliza Stein    After Illustration by Eliza Stein

BEFORE                                                                AFTER

Before Xmas Illustration by Eliza Stein    Rainbow Firefly Illustration by Eliza Stein

Click on each image to see it in greater detail.

Once the “after” illustrations are available in my Etsy shop, I’ll add the links.