Dreamin in Neon

Neon Brush Art by Eliza Stein

After spending most of the month learning After Effects and designing new greeting cards and posters, I took a detour this morning and made these custom neon brushes for AI, from a tutorial by Diana Toma. I would definitely recommend this tut for an AI beginner, because it’s easy to follow and as you can see, these brushes will turn your most mundane strokes into the black velvet painting of your wildest, kitschiest dreams:

Neon Brush Art by Eliza Stein

Diana’s tutorial here: Create a Set of Neon Art and Scatter Brushes in Illustrator

I just started plotting out a longer motion graphics project, but these neon brushes will have to find their way into another one! You can follow my progress in After Effects on my new Vimeo account.