Illustration Friday: “Obsession”

It wasn’t me or my undeveloped motor skills, Momma! Can’t you see I’ve got scribbleomania?!

Ahh yes, The Wordsworth Book of Intriguing Words, by Paul Hellweg, Wordsworth Editions Ltd., 1993. I don’t remember how this book came to live on my shelf, but it’s rescued me from many a case of artist’s and writer’s block. Its old title was The Insomniac’s Dictionary, which explains a lot.

It’s been some time, hasn’t it? I started out with an acute case of gamomania*, which ended abruptly in May, and the excitement of that day soon led to an extended period of clinomania**, kathisomania***, and hypnomania****. What a cluster  of obsessions that was! The only cure for it was more clinomania, so you can see how time got away from me. I think I’m free of obsessions for now, except perhaps scribomania*****, which is not scribleomania at all!

* marriage, **bed rest, ***sitting, ****sleep, *****”writing a long succession of unconnected words.”