My CurateNYC Entry: “Bodybuilder”



So this is my entry for CurateNYC, an exhibition that will be seen in four locations throughout the city from Oct. 21-31. You could submit only one 5×6″ postcard-size image.

I wanted to call my picture “Unnnngggh!” but I went with the more conventional “Bodybuilder” and in fact it’s a portrait of my bodybuildin’ friend Mephy, drawn as she dead-lifted a 225 lb. barbell. Months later, I thought she looked like a Japanese demon, which she would enjoy, being a huge lover of Japan and its culture. But I wouldn’t know for sure, because I lost her new phone number and it’s difficult to find her on the Internet. So if you’re out there, I hope this grants at least one of your wishes, to live forever as an oni that’s totally diesel!

They Draw and Cook …book?

I wish I had known about this website sooner! They invite illustrators to draw their favorite recipes and submit them to the site for all the world to see. Most of them are easy to follow and I intend to try a few of them at home when I get the chance. One of the best things about the recipes is the variety of countries the artists come from: living in New York I always assume I’ve tried every kind of cuisine at least once, but I didn’t know about baleadas from Honduras until a year ago.

I was in a hurry to finish this by Oct. 10, because the site’s editors have a book deal, and they’re considering all recipes received by that date for publication. They have a huge number to sift through: find about about the project here.


Illustration Friday: “Beneath”

See, this is what happens when you check under the bed to see if a monster is really there. I don’t know if the monsters brought their own pillows to the party or if this is one lucky kid with an immensely comfortable bed (not anymore).

This is one of my kitchen-sink sketches that follow more or less the same pattern: start with pencil sketch, add watercolor, bits of colored pencil, ink the lines with a Sharpie, and tinker with the colors in Photoshop. I’m sure plenty of people work this way, but it took me a long time to grow out of the art school practice of practicing with one material until I knew it back to front.

Oh yeah, and this drawing was influenced by the hilarious “Monster Party” skit from “Mr. Show.” Look it up on Youtube before Halloween, you won’t regret it.

Hooray, My First Etsy Sale!

One of many more, I hope I hope I hope…!

“Chloral Hydrate” is part of a series of surreal botanical-style paintings I did a long time ago called “Pill Portraits.” I was thinking of an accessible way to reproduce and sell them for years: I was just waiting for Etsy to come along! It’s an enormous, international online arts & crafts bazaar:

Take me to Etsy now (

In case you’re wondering before or after clicking on the link, I’m selling eight different notecards and a smaller number of 8×10″ prints, from two series of paintings. Two very distinct styles! The cards are blank for now, but I’m thinking of adding messages before the holiday season. Etsy doesn’t allow public comments, but if you have a good idea for a message, post it here. If I use it, I’ll send you the card of your choice in the mail, free!