Illustration Friday: “Acrobat”

Next time we shall return to your regularly scheduled black outlines, but today I double-challenged myself with watercolors and painting from a photograph (my boyfriend, I think he’s part orangutan). It felt good to use watercolor on its own, instead of mixed with a dozen other things like I’m used to. I think it loosened me up (but not enough to do this).

Illustration Friday: “Dessert”

Trans Fatty Tarot

Trans Fatty Tarot

I like making card series when I want to try out a new art style. Tarot cards are my favorite because each one has so many symbols to interpret.

This Trans Fatty Tarot deck that I’m working on is kind of a goof: I tried to include at least the basic symbols that you usually find on a tarot deck. I might write some silly descriptions for each card when I’m done. For now, I’ve finished the Major Arcana (0-21, The Fool-The World) and I’m about to start the four suits. So far I’ve decided on cookies for Coins and cupcakes for Cups, but I’m not sure about the Wands and Swords, because they are similar in shape. Candy canes? Lollipops? Any ideas?