See You on Etsy…

…but for now, The House of Cards & Curiosities is selling my new greeting cards! I am also setting up an Etsy site to sell these and larger prints of some of my older work. For now I have two series:

“Pill Portraits”

Pill Portraits

and Eyes (if anyone has a better name for this series I’d like to hear it)

Each series of cards has the same message, but I’ll probably sell blank ones on Etsy. Each card is 5×7 white cardstock and has a 4×6 or 4×5 print in glistening Kodak Metallic photo paper mounted on top. They are $4 each at:

House of Cards & Curiosities, 23 8th Avenue between 12th St. and Jane St., New York, NY, 10014

It’s a very small store, but they are packed with hundreds of great little gifts, especially miniature figurines from around the world, toys, and objects from Day of the Dead in Mexico.

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