Illustration Friday: “Perspective”

From the perspective of some cast-off possessions. No, this is drawn from my own perspective, because I have recently cured myself of the habit of furnishing, entertaining, and even clothing myself with things dumped on the sidewalk or in building lobbies. Still, they call out and whimper at me whenever I pass them on the street. Especially the old radios, because I still own a whole pile of cassette tapes…

Hmm, on second look I’m not happy with the colors, especially on the office chair. Any suggestions?

One thought on “Illustration Friday: “Perspective”

  1. this piece is very unique in my point of view. I also feel the same way when i throw out things and how i might need whatever i threw out sometime in the future. But i love the way your drawing shows how the items thrown out look unhappy and not wanted. And the colors you used just make the drawing pop out of the page.

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