Illustration Friday: “Adrift”

The lowly raindrop is adrift in a cloud of beautiful snowflakes.

I thought about adding pretty, dolled-up faces to some of the flakes. Maybe in another drawing, because I like my sad little raindrop and I want him to come back. If he sticks around till April, he won’t be so lonely…

Illustration Friday: “Muddy”

It’s a page o’ piggies this week. It might not seem very profound, but a common personality test is to ask someone to draw a pig. Everything about it is supposed to have some significance, from the direction the head is turned to the placement of the tail. Of course I don’t remember any of it now, but I tried this exercise once on some people in college. The problem was, they were all cartoonists or at least avid sketchers, so I had to say “It doesn’t matter how the pig looks, just draw one fast!”