Illustration Friday: “Music”

Carpe Noctem = Seize the Night

I did this five months ago, so it feels like cheating on the rule I set for myself (something new every week for IF, however small). But “music” is such a vast word, I almost gave myself an aneurysm deciding where to start, especially because I’m thinking of redesigning my main website YET again, this time using Inkscape. Has anyone used this program to design webpages successfully? If not, I’ll find out and let you know…

Where was I?

MUSIC. The connection to the word might not be so apparent in this illustration, which I did for the cover of my friend’s zine on dreamwork and dream stories. The main story was a dream about a Mayan/Precolumbian goddess who sang mermaids and other sea creatures into existence. I wish it was my dream!

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