Illustration Friday: “Frozen”


I made this drawing in Inkscape, using only the Pen tool (Bezier curves) to trace over an old sketch (see below) and add color. Inkscape is one of the great open-source graphics programs out there, along with GIMP and Blender. It’s easy to learn the basic tools, especially if you’ve used Illustrator or done anything with vector graphics before. I could go on forever about Inkscape… see for yourself:

There are also some great tutorials out there, which I’ll post later…

Frozen Sketch

Original sketch, plain ol’ ink.

9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: “Frozen”

  1. That’s very effective! The lines are lovely. I’ve enjoyed Inkscape but haven’t used it enough to be particularly handy with it.

  2. Hey, thanks! Before I did this drawing, I still didn’t really understand how the Pen tool worked in any program, but this one gave me a lot of practice in working those curves 🙂

  3. Hey Eliza, I’m glad you’ve discovered the wonders of the pen tool. I personally couldn’t live without it.

    In response to your question my illo was done all digital except for the initial sketch. The textures come from photoshop brushes that I’ve found. lists a bunch of resources with brush sites among them.

  4. wow that is so cool ! I liked that you choose blue for the 2 figures, has a nice japanese anamay feel. are you doing it with all your favorite drawings?

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