Illustration Friday: “Germs”


30-minute digital sketch

Formication is the sensation that there are insects or “bugs” crawling on or under the skin. It can be caused by drugs, mental problems, or both. It’s a lot like what I’ve heard from the small number of germophobes I’ve had a chance to talk to: they see the germs as little bugs everywhere, especially on “hotspots” like doorknobs. That’s one psychosomatic vision I don’t have to deal with, thankfully. Instead, I like to spend my time imagining what it’s like to have it! That’s why this week’s IF word just felt mundane: I already waste too much time drawing bugs, microbes, and assorted tiny creatures that we prefer not to think about because we can’t see them, yet they outnumber us at least a billion to one.

But Halloween is coming up, and I already feel especially creepy-crawly. Here is my photo that the sketch was based on:

Formication (original photo)
Formication (original photo)

This is the blurriest picture from a series of 20 or 30 that I took as concept stills for a stop-motion animation that I’m starting. I like making digital sketches from blurry photos because then I don’t feel as tight when I try to draw freehand with a mouse.

Here’s the same photo in reverse (I think it’s creepier):

Formication (in reverse)
Formication (in reverse)

2 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: “Germs”

  1. I run a dark fiction podcast and typically like to include a piece of art along with the story that represents the feeling behind the story. Well
    I came across this and would like to use it as part of the Halloween episode. If you would be interested in having it displayed on my site, please get in touch with me. I typically advertise the podcast for a week or so before hand on,, facebook, myspace, twitter, and about four or five forum boards, so you’d be getting some good exposure. Here is an example of two of the advertisements for the last episode.

    Please consider it and get back with me.

    Jason Warden

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