On Hiatus…


Yeah, that’s right.

Ya heard me.

I’m leaving for my cross-country journey in two days, so I won’t be able to add anything new to this site for a month. (Reason #2348 to love freelance work: Cheap Off-Season Travel!)

If you haven’t seen enough dancing insects and awkward microbes, I invite you to visit my portfolio at http://www.elizastein.com

And you can always contact me at eliza.stein@yahoo.com.


Illustration Friday: “Magnify”

...and it never got any easier.
…and it never got any easier.

I just tried out Inkscape, a free open-source vector graphics program. I decided to go with something simple that I’ve drawn hundreds of times, which for me is protozoa. The paramecium is my favorite out of ’em, cause it looks like a paisley or a bean.