Illustration Friday: “Caution”


Hot time summer in the city…

I have lived in New York City all of my life, so most of the time I am a happy little subway rat, but there is one time of year that I can’t take the subway, because the air is so thick and hot it suffocates me, and all the people riding it are distorted in front of me into wild beasts… at least it gives me an excuse to stay inside and paint wild beasts.

Thank god August is almost over… blarggghh (that’s my sound of August- if you have a better one I’d like to hear it!)

Illustration Friday (Late Edition): “Impatience”

"Impatience", by Eliza Stein
“Impatience”, by Eliza Stein

Sometimes impatience is a virtue, especially if you are trapped inside a boa constrictor. I drew this 2 AM sketch while my friend V. lectured us all on how to escape: you have to push your arms through its mouth, forcing it open so you can climb out.

Me: But if you’re already inside the boa constrictor, chances are you’d have suffocated already.

K: And what about all those digestive juices?

It took him a while to convince us that the most important thing is to get both arms through its mouth at once, so you’d better act fast.

The way things are going this month, I might have to remember this…

Illustration Friday: “Modify”


Ok, I admit that this week’s entry and its relevance to the word “modify” is tenuous at best, but this was the best my August-addled brain could spit out. I always lose my mind in August, and I’m also planning a cross-country trip next month, so…

Modify! I always thought of love spells as kind of sad, the idea of modifying someone’s feelings without their knowledge, without talking to them.

Also, what I did was modify an old drawing of my pincushion (yes, it’s a red anatomically-correct heart made of rubber) by messing around with it on Photoshop. See my previous entry and the red background will look familiar. Here’s the original drawing:


In fact I keep modifying this drawing. I’ve probably colored it in about a dozen times, just for practice.

Yes, this is Fan Art.


“Douchebugz!” Ink line art w/ digital color

For the last few months, my biggest source of distraction and laffs on the internet has been the website Hot Chicks with Douchebags. I started thinking, what if this lifestyle begins to infest the animal kingdom? The bombardier beetle is already bright orange like a fake tan and shoots a foul-smelling gas from its rear end when threatened. All it needed was an Ed Hardy-style exoskeleton and some antenna gel spikes to start pulling in the Ladybleethbugs…

UPDATE (8/9): WOW, I’m on HCwDB! I’m going to go drink all the liquor left in my house to celebrate (and that’s 1/4 bottle of Mickey’s Butterscotch ‘n’ Vanilla S’napps…too bad it’s a Sunday)