Illustration Friday: “Shaky”


I pulled this line drawing I did during a night out at the Draw-A-Thon, of a model who wore this amazing papier-mache Hindu god monkey suit and mask and danced around instead of posing in one place. He was pure shaky that night and I just tried to push it further with some bright colors, all digital this time (GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program)

On a (shaky) tangent, I am always torn between two approaches to the weekly word from Illustration Friday. Do I take it literally and try to show the word in action, or do I try something more abstract, where I look for the word’s essence? There is an entire chapter about that in one of my favorite books, Understanding Comics, where Scott McCloud tries to draw abstract representations of words like “cold,” as opposed to drawing a shivering person or an iceberg. I tried to do more of that this week, with some bright jarring colors and lines…

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