Sketch of sketching, and a daily dog

Sketch by Eliza Stein

Here’s a sketch of my husband sketching. That’s his own sketch at the corner of mine. I use whatever implement is closest at hand for sketching, and yesterday I found this jumbo pencil/crayon hybrid in my colored pencil box. I don’t remember how it got there, but it just glided over the paper. It’s not greasy or smudgy, either:

Color Giant Pencil CrayonSince last year, I’ve been sketching my dog nearly every day. Most of these “Daily Dogs” are done while he’s sleeping, but sometimes he is a professional model who strikes the perfect pose.

Daily Dog Sketch by Eliza SteinIllustrators, artists, designers, what are your sketch habits, if any? Does your sketching style differ greatly from your finished work? What are your favorite tools and supplies? I’m curious.

Illustration Friday: “Space”

What a lucky coincidence that this week’s word is “Space” and I’ve been using lots of Hubble spacecraft images this month:

Space Beagle Illustration by Eliza Stein

Space Beagle by Eliza Stein

Mothers Day Card by Eliza Stein

Best Mom in the Universe! by Eliza Stein

Best Mom In the Universe by Eliza Stein

5×7″ Mother’s Day Greeting Card. Shiny!

Credit goes to The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/NASA/STScl) for the background images.

Illustration Friday: “Exotic”

Exotic Birds Illustration by Eliza Stein

Now that the Valentine’s Day card-making and selling has subsided a bit, I had time to draw for IF again. I missed that weekly exercise! The word “exotic” gave me a hard time because it’s so relative.

Misophonia & more

Misophonia Illustration by Eliza Stein

Happy New Year! I had a busy holiday season with my Etsy shop, which is leading into a busy Valentine’s Day, so I haven’t had as much time here as I’d like. I’m also redoing my main portfolio site and this blog will also get a makeover soon. I like the Nexus theme a lot, but my artwork tends to have a lot of bright, even garish or gaudy colors, and displaying them against each other with no space between them to breathe just didn’t look good.

I’m still enjoying illustrating various neuroses of mine and others. I had no idea what misophonia was until last year, and I can’t say I have a serious case of it, but certain “small” noises have always bothered me. Loud eating and other sounds coming from the mouth are the main culprit. As a kid it was knuckle-cracking, but thankfully I don’t know anyone who still does that. Please don’t do it the next time you see me— it’s a nasty habit that leads to arthritis!